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December 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a delectable December to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about demolition and construction. Enjoy!

Demolition and construction
 construction zone sign After the house next door recently sold, the new owners started doing some major renovations. They tore off the roof to replace it, also replacing part of the upper structure since water had gotten in and rotted a few of the rafters and support beams. This was messy and noisy for a couple of days. The analogy with human physical healing didn't escape me. We may need to remove something unhelpful first, before we create our new, more robust, structure.

My initial approach to improving my strong myopia did not involve my feelings, I'm sorry to say. I know now this is why my progress has been so slow. I thought, similarly to how I'd approach a gym workout, that if I just did certain exercises, I'd pump up my visual muscles and see more clearly. First of all, that's not how vision works. Most people's vision isn't muscularly weak. It's strained from trying too hard to see, and from unhelpful habits like too little sleep, or dehydration, or being too sedentary, or poor posture.

 eyeball lifting a barbell The gym metaphor isn't useless, though. Someone fit, slowly getting stronger from working out, needs focus and consistency. We'll need these habits to achieve progress in visual acuity too. It's easy to see the destructive "pushing too hard trying to improve" pattern with a muscle-bound guy throwing his weights around with poor form, or continuing to work out when he's sick or injured. He's not helping himself, instead tearing himself down further. Yet aren't we doing this same thing to our own eyes by staring at the computer screen for hours without a break?

A big part of the "demolish first, then rebuild" dynamic which speaks to me is identifying and removing unhelpful habits, before charging ahead to start creating a new framework. When I set out with the intention to improve my vision, I had a fuzzy understanding at best of what my bad habits were which contributed to my blurry sight. Yes, I knew I was too tense, practically afraid of other people and much more comfortable with "my nose in a book". I tentatively started to greet the neighbors I saw outdoors instead of looking down or away. I sought out and practiced relaxation techniques like meditation and EFT, the latter which I often use with clients now as well as for myself.

 struggle leads to growth Everyone's life has some chaos in it, some periods of "too much coming at me" which can lead to feelings of overwhelm. If it's not physical construction disruption and noise, it might be an unexpected medical crisis or a financial setback. For those of us who seem to perceive and receive problems with our eyes first, we may literally not want to look at the situation or examine it too closely. Yet I'm sure you've seen, looking back with that 20/20 hindsight, that some supposed disasters eventually led to a positive change in your circumstances, though you didn't see that at the time.

One teacher I loosely follow has advised we ask, when faced with a problem, "What's good about this I'm not seeing?". Maybe we don't have to wait for hindsight to give us a clear view if we can spot possibilities for growth and helpful change up front. My goal now is to practice dancing with disruption rather than getting overwhelmed and feeling helpless. Is there something in your life which needs to be demolished, to make way for something more beneficial to you? We all deserve to thrive, shining our personal light to illuminate the path forward, for others as well as for our own self.

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